• Clive Rugby Club
    "We reckon LiteClub is great and think the LiteMember
    programme will be great for the club too."
    - Myles Girvan Secretary, Treasurer
  • Central Rugby League Club
    "Thank you so much, you can't imagine how much this will mean to
    the Central Rugby League community."
  • Otahuhu Softball Club
    "We think LiteCLub is great, at the Counties Manukau meeting
    everyone was really impressed with the work that you guys do!"
    - Sally Hoani, Grants co-ordinator
  • Rotorua Netball Centre
    "Thank you to LiteClub for the installation of new lightbulbs, advice
    and other things they did to "brighten up" our netball pavilion."
    - Mary Thompson, Club Secretary
  • Hawkes Bay Sport Fishing Club
    "What LiteClub does for sports clubs is bloody marvelous!"
    - Julia Dambach, Executive Officer
  • Table Tennis Canterbury
    "Our members are very impressed with the new bins
    and are actively using them already!"
    - Ethan Lin, Stadium Manager
  • Manurewa Tennis Club
    "LiteClub is a great idea, a good initiative to help save
    power and resources."
    - Gary Blyth, Club President
  • Titahi Bay Bowling Club
    "I think the LiteClub initiative is brilliant."
    - Dave Christie, Club Manager
  • Warrington SLSC
    "We are just so humbled by the generosity of your group
    and commitment to sustainability."
    - Pru Casey, Fundraising Coordinator
  • Cockle Bay Tennis + Howick Squash
    "A good concept because clubs are always struggling to make ends
    meet, so any way we can save to make ends meet is great. "
    - Sharon Farmer, Club Administrator
  • Takapau Memorial Park Association
    "Many thanks for your visit to our facility,
    the report is very comprehensive and helpful."
    - Shelley Thomsen
  • Greendale Swim Club
    "LiteClub is awesome, we are glad we registered."
    - Jacqui Gardiner, Administrator
  • Auckland Bowling Club
    "We signed up to the LiteClub programme - the club believes it’s
    what is here for our grandchildren, not what is here for us."
    - Robert Davis, Treasurer
  • Homai Bowling Club
    "We have noticed a significant reduction in our power bills since
    the LiteClub changed out our light bulbs"
    - Tia Moka, Secretary
  • Te Awamutu Tennis Club
    "The field crew did a marvellous job and on behalf of all of us,
    we are very grateful"
    - Quentin Wallace, Te Awamutu Tennis Club
  • North Harbour Gymnastics
    "It's a fantastic initiative, and the people
    who came to our club were extremely professional. "
    - Lynda O'Cain, CEO
  • Point Chevalier Tennis Club
    "I think that in particular the dedicated bins have been great for
    waste sorting minimisation."
    - Lloyd Berryman, Committee Member
  • Aramoho Rowing Club
    "LiteClub have done a wonderful job for our club."
    - Annie Pawson, Manager
  • Omni Gymnastics
    "The LiteClub programme is fantastic, what a great
    opportunity for sports clubs."
    - Cherreen Exeter, Club President
  • Manukau City AFC
    "LiteClub is a great way to make communities aware of how they
    can save, and the recycling part is great, making kids aware."
    - Saubree Edinberry, Chairman
  • Kohimarama Tennis Club
    "The LiteClub programme is great, it’s brilliant what you are doing."
    - Heather Stevens, General Manager
  • Manukau Canoe Club
    "We think LiteClub is amazing, people like us wouldn’t survive
    if it wasn’t for people like you."
    - Geoff Taylor, Club President
  • Waihi Beach Tennis Club
    "Thanks again for what the team did. Keep up the great work!
    - Craig McFarlane, President

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"We're helping sports clubs to save money and reduce their environmental impact too.
It's a win-win."                                                Conrad Smith
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  • 2 Min Intro Film


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