• Kohimarama Tennis Club
    "The LiteClub programme is great, it’s brilliant what you are doing."
    - Heather Stevens, General Manager
  • Clive Rugby Club
    "We reckon LiteClub is great and think the LiteMember
    programme will be great for the club too."
    - Myles Girvan Secretary, Treasurer
  • Waihi Beach Tennis Club
    "Thanks again for what the team did. Keep up the great work!
    - Craig McFarlane, President
  • Warrington SLSC
    "We are just so humbled by the generosity of your group
    and commitment to sustainability."
    - Pru Casey, Fundraising Coordinator
  • Te Awamutu Tennis Club
    "The field crew did a marvellous job and on behalf of all of us,
    we are very grateful"
    - Quentin Wallace, Te Awamutu Tennis Club
  • Table Tennis Canterbury
    "Our members are very impressed with the new bins
    and are actively using them already!"
    - Ethan Lin, Stadium Manager
  • Aramoho Rowing Club
    "LiteClub have done a wonderful job for our club."
    - Annie Pawson, Manager
  • Auckland Bowling Club
    "We signed up to the LiteClub programme - the club believes it’s
    what is here for our grandchildren, not what is here for us."
    - Robert Davis, Treasurer
  • Rotorua Netball Centre
    "Thank you to LiteClub for the installation of new lightbulbs, advice
    and other things they did to "brighten up" our netball pavilion."
    - Mary Thompson, Club Secretary
  • Greendale Swim Club
    "LiteClub is awesome, we are glad we registered."
    - Jacqui Gardiner, Administrator
  • Manurewa Tennis Club
    "LiteClub is a great idea, a good initiative to help save
    power and resources."
    - Gary Blyth, Club President
  • Omni Gymnastics
    "The LiteClub programme is fantastic, what a great
    opportunity for sports clubs."
    - Cherreen Exeter, Club President
  • North Harbour Gymnastics
    "It's a fantastic initiative, and the people
    who came to our club were extremely professional. "
    - Lynda O'Cain, CEO
  • Hawkes Bay Sport Fishing Club
    "What LiteClub does for sports clubs is bloody marvelous!"
    - Julia Dambach, Executive Officer
  • Cockle Bay Tennis + Howick Squash
    "A good concept because clubs are always struggling to make ends
    meet, so any way we can save to make ends meet is great. "
    - Sharon Farmer, Club Administrator
  • Manukau City AFC
    "LiteClub is a great way to make communities aware of how they
    can save, and the recycling part is great, making kids aware."
    - Saubree Edinberry, Chairman
  • Takapau Memorial Park Association
    "Many thanks for your visit to our facility,
    the report is very comprehensive and helpful."
    - Shelley Thomsen
  • Manukau Canoe Club
    "We think LiteClub is amazing, people like us wouldn’t survive
    if it wasn’t for people like you."
    - Geoff Taylor, Club President
  • Point Chevalier Tennis Club
    "I think that in particular the dedicated bins have been great for
    waste sorting minimisation."
    - Lloyd Berryman, Committee Member
  • Homai Bowling Club
    "We have noticed a significant reduction in our power bills since
    the LiteClub changed out our light bulbs"
    - Tia Moka, Secretary
  • Titahi Bay Bowling Club
    "I think the LiteClub initiative is brilliant."
    - Dave Christie, Club Manager
  • Otahuhu Softball Club
    "We think LiteCLub is great, at the Counties Manukau meeting
    everyone was really impressed with the work that you guys do!"
    - Sally Hoani, Grants co-ordinator
  • Central Rugby League Club
    "Thank you so much, you can't imagine how much this will mean to
    the Central Rugby League community."


"We're helping sports clubs to save money and reduce their environmental impact too.
It's a win-win."
    Conrad Smith
  • 2 Min Intro Film
  • 2 Min Intro Film
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